Window Pain Jacket


Darn this crazy Texas weather!  The temps have been so up and down with one day being 55 degrees and then next being 80 degrees.  I really wanted to make something more appropriate to wear in our kind of winter weather but it's been a little bit frustrating and uninspiring.  Oh well.  I pushed ahead and sewed up this Very Easy Vogue Misses Jacket and Belt (V9037).
It took me a lot longer to sew up than what I had hoped but it's done.  I'm happy to say that I love the look, the lighter weight jacket fabric and the dramatic collar.

The fabric I purchased at Joann's.  I cut out pattern view C and in size 10.  Overall the jacket was easy to sew together.  The only part to give me a little trouble was the collar.  I didn't have quite enough fabric when I got to cutting out the collar pieces but I was able to make it work.  The front collar print matches up great, while the back of the collar could probably be better.  So I highly recommend getting plenty of fabric should you use a window pain (or something similar) pattern like I did.

I love the pleats in the front and back of the waist area too.  These were easy to sew.  The pockets are great too.  I wish there were loops to hold the belt to the jacket.  I read some reviews where people added their own.  I meant to try to add belt loops but forgot.

This chic and lightweight jacket would be great to wear at night (when its not crazy cold) and even to work.  I wore with dark denim with booties but I think it would look awesome with wide legs pants and also a skirt.

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