Help! I'm Stuck In A Sewing Pattern!


I have been sewing clothing from patterns for about a year now and looking back I think I've come quite a ways.  One thing that I've done to help me through my sewing journey is I have always stuck with fairly easy patterns.  I can get easily overwhelmed and confused in a sewing pattern so I try not to get in over my head with complicated patterns/designs. The other thing that has helped my sewing is I have taken a few sewing classes.  I am a kinesthetic learner so the sewing classes are perfect because it's hands-on learning plus someone is there to answer all of my questions (and I've always got a lot of them).  Even though I have had some education and stick to easy designs, I still mange to occasionally get stuck in a pattern step.  I would like to share a few ways how I've gotten "un-stuck" and continue to truck along in my sewing project so I can complete it and feel accomplished.

Thrift & Vintage Treasures


One I love doing is visiting thrift and vintage stores.  Austin has so many great thrift stores that are jam packed with people's "trash" and I love going through them to find myself a treasure.  Here are few my favorites that I've found over the last weeks.

This distressed Gap denim vest was found at Saver's.  It was $6 and the fit is just right.  I think someone just cut the arm sleeves off of a denim jacket so the frayed ends are perfect for me.  The basket I found at Thrift Town for less than $1.  I love buying plants and finding baskets to put them.  The gold shell belt I found on Etsy.  Etsy is truly amazing to find unique vintage items.  I had been on a quest to find a gold belt like this for a while.  Many thrift stores that I looked in didn't have what I wanted, but when I searched Etsy, there were lots of choices and lots of price points.  Can't wait to rock this belt!  Where do you all like to find vintage stuff?

Window Pain Jacket


Darn this crazy Texas weather!  The temps have been so up and down with one day being 55 degrees and then next being 80 degrees.  I really wanted to make something more appropriate to wear in our kind of winter weather but it's been a little bit frustrating and uninspiring.  Oh well.  I pushed ahead and sewed up this Very Easy Vogue Misses Jacket and Belt (V9037).

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