Thrift & Vintage Treasures


One I love doing is visiting thrift and vintage stores.  Austin has so many great thrift stores that are jam packed with people's "trash" and I love going through them to find myself a treasure.  Here are few my favorites that I've found over the last weeks.

This distressed Gap denim vest was found at Saver's.  It was $6 and the fit is just right.  I think someone just cut the arm sleeves off of a denim jacket so the frayed ends are perfect for me.  The basket I found at Thrift Town for less than $1.  I love buying plants and finding baskets to put them.  The gold shell belt I found on Etsy.  Etsy is truly amazing to find unique vintage items.  I had been on a quest to find a gold belt like this for a while.  Many thrift stores that I looked in didn't have what I wanted, but when I searched Etsy, there were lots of choices and lots of price points.  Can't wait to rock this belt!  Where do you all like to find vintage stuff?

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