Muscle Tank


I've been wanting to get better at sewing with knits lately.  I wear knit garments (t-shirts) all the time and you can't deny their comfort.  Being a busy mom, I'm always looking for cute and comfortable clothes.  I thought that learning to sew knits would be a way for me to frequently wear what I make.  But I've learned that sewing knits can be tough!  Their stretchy-ness can make it so difficult to make the right fit.  Thankfully I saw that Creative Bug had a class called Sewing The Adventure Tank.  After watching the rather short class, I was excited that this would be my next knits project!  The class was straight forward and a good beginner class for sewing with knits.  I learned to sew with a walking foot and a double needle, two things I hadn't done before.  The class showed two versions of the tank top, the racer back and muscle tank.  My racer tank didn't really turn out how I wanted.  But the muscle tank top that I made turned out great and I've been rockin' it all summer.

I'm bringing the 80's back with this muscle tank.  The blue leopard fabric is from Joann's.

 I learned how to sew "in the ditch" with the double needle.  Gives a nice finished look.

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