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Well, here we go.  My first blog post on my new blog.  And I'm going to talk about food.  Well, meal planning to be specific.  One thing I'm always scouring the web for are weekly meal plans and quick dinner ideas.  It can be time consuming and tedious for me to come up with menus that are fast, healthy and delicious to cook for my family.  However over the last few years of being the one in charge of dinner, I think I'm getting better.  So I am going to keep track of our weekly family dinners on this blog to help me remember what I come up with each week, what we liked/disliked and to hopefully give ideas to you:

Family Dinners: Week 1

Mon. - Lemon Pepper Tilapia w/ Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Tues. - Turkey Tacos w/ Charro Beans
Wed. - Spaghetti alla Carbonara
Thurs. - Chorizo Burrito Bowls
Fri - take out pizza!

These beans are so good (considering they are from a can).  

 Turkey Taco dinner...a family favorite.  We keep this one in heavy rotation, switching it up with ground beef.  Yes I fry the taco shells myself. 

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