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I thought I would share my little sewing corner in our house.  It's actually in our master bedroom.  This corner of our room was empty for a little while and at one point had a chair there with clothes thrown on it.  When I got more into sewing I wanted a bit of a private space,
something to mainly store sewing things and wasn't easily accessible to the kids.  So after a little thought, taking measurements and scouring the internet I came up with this set up.  I like it and it suits me well for now.

I love my sewing table - I found it at  It has lots of great storage and a place to hold my serger.  I love my ironing board hanger which was just mounted on the wall over the holidays and my dress form is great too.  I use everything in this space however I don't do my sewing here.  I like to sew at our kitchen table.

I have my sewing machine in a corner in the kitchen where is stays stored in its carrying case.  I don't mind taking it out when I need to sew; it's easy, fast and stays out of the way when it's not in use.  Much of my sewing prep work happens in my sewing space.  I have a cutting mat that I put on the floor and when it's not in use I tuck it behind the sewing table.  I set up my iron and ironing board right next to my sewing table and all of my tools are in that cute denim pouch with the skull on it.  I just got a really nice wall mirror for Christmas that I can't wait to hang then everything should be complete.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your sewing space solutions! We have a small home and I have taken over a large close and a corner of our really big main living area so I totally relate to your making a smaller place work for you! I have enjoyed reading your blog, very inspiring!


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