Family Dinners: Week 8


Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted about our family dinners.  I'll admit that I haven't been good at keeping track of them therefore my weekly planning wasn't being...uh...planned.  But this past week I feel like I rocked it - I planned plenty in advance for the week and the whole family devoured my meals.  All except one (SMH) below:

Sun. - Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas w/ Black Beans
Mon. - Cheese Burger Cups w/ Salad (peas for kids)
Tues. - BBQ Chicken Pizza w/ Caesar Salad (broccoli for kids)
Wed. - Bowtie Chicken Alfredo w/ Roasted Asparagus
Thurs. - Beef Fajitas w/ Charro Beans

The kids did not like the enchiladas but my hubbie and I thought they were awesome.  I used corn tortillas instead of flour (as written in Mel's recipe).  And you just can't go wrong with a recipe by The Pioneer Woman.  The Alfredo dinner was fast to put together and was a slam dunk with everyone.

I've been sewing away lately and will be posting soon on my recent projects.  Stay tuned!

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