White Plate Wall


For the last couple of months I've been on the hunt for decorating ideas for our dining room wall.  This wall is pretty big and a major focal point as you walk into the front door of our house.  For a while I didn't know what to do and grew tired of looking at this blank wall.  To make things a little complicated with decorating, this wall has three large squares of wall trim.  Nice to look at but now I had to strategize where and what to put up.  And I'm always nervous about hanging stuff because what if I hate it and it looks terrible (I'm trying to be better at this and just going for it).  So I finally decided to hang some really beautiful framed Indian tapestries that I had laying around (they were given to me) on either side of the wall squares.  In the middle square I hung an array of small white plates.  The plate wall idea started out as collecting random old plates but this proved to be some work and lots of searching.  So I scrapped that idea and decided to keep it simple and bought various white plates from Thrift Town (love me some Thrift Town).  The day I went to the store I scored all of the plates for under $3.  And since I didn't want to spend a lot on plate hangers for my cheap plates, I found a great idea from Rockin' Redesign and used D hook rings and Gorilla Glue (both purchased from Walmart.com).  The whole wall decorating project cost me under $20.  Hooray!!

To arrange them on the wall, I labeled each plate with a number them traced the plate on paper.  After cutting out the paper cut outs and numbering, I taped them to the wall to arrange how I wanted them.  
Easy to hang them before putting a bunch of holes in the wall.

 Our dining room wall is complete!

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