Fall Floral Knit Tunic


I just love making all types of cold weather clothes lately, however I just wish it would stay cold long enough here in Austin so I can wear them!  Well, as I'm sewing all these pretty new fall/winter makes, I am trying to keep in mind layers!  Yes, since the weather here is so up and down I want to try to be able to have things that would work with or without a jacket, wearing something underneath or have it look cute with a light layer over it.  Plus comfort is always key. 
That is what I liked most about Butterick 6246,  I like that it's made with a cozy lightweight knit and could be suitable to wear with leggings when the weather is warmer or layer with a denim vest or a light weight jacket and jeans when it gets colder.  For this pattern, I cut out View D in size 12.  The fabric is a black floral jersey knit from Joann's.

Butterick 6246 Sewing Pattern Review 

Description:  Pullover tunic top that is loose fitting with a pleated front overlay.

Instructions:  They were very easy to follow, and it will help if you have experience sewing with jersey knit.  I liked this pattern however since my fabric was pretty stretchy, it was a little bit of a pain to work with.  I guess it had been a little while since I sewed with jersey so I was reminded of all the skills/knowledge that I needed.  It was good practice for me.  I wrote a blog post all about my sewing tips for jersey knits here.

Alterations: I made no design changes.

Techniques Used: For all of the hems I used a double needle and walking foot.  For all of the seams, I serged those together except for the sleeves.  I probably should have used a stretch stitch when inserting the neckband.  I serged this and you can see a little of the serger thread at the seam because there is a lot of fabric hanging from it.  But this is me getting a little picky.  ;)

Overall:  I like this pattern and hopefully I will get to make a least one more top, however I have a pretty good list of other fall/winter makes that I would like to get through. 

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