Drapey Cardigan


With an endless to-do list and Christmas quickly approaching, I found the perfect pattern that is super quick and so chic.  I discovered this McMcall's pattern while browsing Joann's one morning.  The day I went I really had no idea what sewing projects I wanted to do next.  I aimlessly walked through the fabric isles several times and kept flipping through pattern books.  All of sudden a moment of inspiration hit me, and I was out of the store with this pretty gray stripped jersey knit and McCall's M7441 (and two other projects!).  I went with Pattern A and it is only 3 pieces.  Since my fabric has a subtle stripe, I was very aware of how everything was going to line up as I was cutting out the pieces.  I also shortened the sleeves by 2 inches.  When sewing I used a stretch stitch for all seams and hems (rather than following the pattern instructions for the hems).  I also forgot to mark the places where to tack the front, but when I put the cardigan up on my dress form I just approximated where to tack.

This cardigan is perfect for dressing up or down.  I styled it here with a relaxed fit jersey top and a turquoise crocheted necklace that I made a while ago (back in my crochet days).  I could see this cardigan as a layering piece with a fitted jersey dress too.

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