Velvet Leggings


This week I was so excited to take my forth sewing class at Stitch Lab here in Austin, TX.  The class was called Advance Knits: Leggings Class.  Now, I'm no where near what a seamstress would call "advanced" however I do feel a bit more comfortable sewing with knits, plus I took the prerequisite class a few months ago called Know Your Knits.  For the leggings class we used McCall pattern M6173.  I've been a bit nervous about sewing pants because fit can get tricky so sewing knit ones would be a great opportunity to try it out without a chance of too many mistakes.  Our teacher Channy is a fantastic instructor.  She took us through all the tips on fit, fabrics, and making adjustments based on how much stretch your knit had.  As for the fabric that I chose, I guess I wanted to do something a bit different.  One of the fabric suggestions on the pattern is velvet with stretch.  So when I hit up my local Joann's, they had a pretty decent collection of stretch velvet and for a great price of $4/yard!  Score!  Now I wouldn't feel terrible if I totally messed these up.  It's also a plus that velvet is on trend this season so I went for it!

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