Loose Fitted Pull Over Dress


It's still so hot in Texas and it's a shame that I'm no where near thinking about taking out my fall/winter clothes.  *Sigh* I guess this could be used to my advantage to sew more clothes for the upcoming chillier (not cold) months.  Since I'm still wearing all of my summer handmade garments I thought I would feature this pretty pull over dress by Very Easy Vogue (pattern V8968).  The material I used is challis and found it at...you guessed it, Hancock.  It has an abstract, tropical vibe and I love the colors.  I believe this is the second dress I've made for myself and I didn't have any problems making it.    The only part that could have turned out a bit better is the slit in the neck line.  The point at the bottom of the "V" has a small hole because I didn't sew the slanted line far down enough.  Also the flaps of the "V" hang forward rather than staying up.  I also think I could have gone down one size in the pattern.  This dress is so easy! Throw on some wedge sandals and statement necklace and you're good to go.

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